Looking for12v electric car for 5yr old

    Hi guys,

    Been looking for a 12v car for 5 yr old boy. I had seen the Ferrari 12v for £250 in toys r us. Wasn't sure if that's best deal, what codes are available, and basically looking for peoples experinces of these things. I am assuming 12v is much better?? Than 6v??


    I bought a 12v car which you can press the button to slow it down. Defo recommend the 12v. I bought a MASERATI-RED/12V from ebay.…ine. . £140 delivery free. Bought on the Monday delivered on the Tuesday. Brilliant car.

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    Thanks dollpiggy, do u have another link, that one doesn't work.

    I'm guessing that the link they meant to post was...…ine

    Have you considered second hand? Ours was second hand and much cheaper. I saw one locally a day or two ago (but was a girls one) for £50. That was 12v. Kid never used as they were scared of it.
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