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Found 14th Jan 2009
I'm looking to build a decent pc that that run any game and be future proof for at least 2-3yrs, it's not for me but the person who wants it is looking for at least a high speed usb, fast music and video editing graphics card and a decent sound card to match. I will be starting with nothing except for a mouse and keyboard. Whats all you wise and all knowing gods of the penny grabbers got to offer???

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It'd be easier stating your budget.

Basically, you want a high-end gaming rig. This could cost thousands of pounds or you can squeeze £600. Give a budget so that we aren't just shooting the breeze.

For my personal use

I grabbed a cheap rack case from ebuyer for £49 not that sturdy but a dream to work with 10 3.5" bays 3 5.25" loads of fan space. Grab a cheap dual core cpu and some £2 mice and keyboards. Then lurk the dabs.com used sections things get updated everyday but sell quickly so grab an sli mobo i got an amd for £22 also grab some ram can be as little £4 for a gig and also grabbed a 500gb seagate sata2 for £30

I dont really care about max 3d performance so waited until 2 9600gt were in used for £55 a piece for sli also stuck a cheap lcd screen in the rack case, control temps and fan speeds and some blue fans from ebuyer.

Sound wise the mobo had optical and coax digital outputs.

Overclock the hell out of it and for pretty much £250 I have a system I would sell on for alot more. Would not do it for a client but if its for personal use its what i do.





[url]www.cclcomputers.co.uk[/url] (award winning)

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My budget is about the 600 mark
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