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Found 6th Feb 2008
O.k , i was thinking about buying an 1080p tv, problem is im working parttime just now and wanting to pay it up, ive seen this on lttilewoods direct :littlewoodsdirect.com/rf/…=15

Is it 1080p?it says compatible...

If anyone can point me out to a similar buy option for a better one that wold be great.

Also i can get this and buy now pay 2009.

Is the littlewoods one a good deal?


If its purely because of the uy now pay 2009 then its a good deal for you but its cheaper here


Again, don't have the buy now pay later facility but laskys.co.uk and dixons have the LE40M86 AND LE40M87 for cheaper (PLUS QUIDCO) and free delivery. Stick it on a 0% credit card perhaps? I bought the LE40M87 at the end of last year. Good TV! And it has 15000:1 contrast, better than the one you seen. On Laskys, if you add to your basket they add in a stand for about £65 extra...bargain! I bought this too...would recommend mate!

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Is it a good tv? and will it play 1080p farily well with no slow down ?, i noticed the response time was 8ms.

Littlewoods are easier to use as i have credit with them and dont want to go through credit checks and pay deposits(no credit card either.), for the sake of 70 odd pound compared to vartate , seems easier to use littlewood, no doubt might be a voucher lol.

Careful with that spec marshallka, think thats for the M87 not N87...N87 everywhere I look says 10000:1 contrast.

I dont have a high def player yet, but watch upscalled dvd's at 1080i and am chuffed with the result, so 1080p surely can only be better!! It aint amazin output thru scart inputs, but through HDMI is so clear and precise and bloomin impressive yep. I havent seen a tv as good for the money yet. Still £900+ in shops and big brand stores. Love watching planet earth etc on it!! Sad i know...but great!! lol


Careful with that spec marshallka, think thats for the M87 not N87...N87 … Careful with that spec marshallka, think thats for the M87 not N87...N87 everywhere I look says 10000:1 contrast.


But the spec was off techstore here techstore.co.uk/bro…440

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So should i go for the littlewoods deal?, 10000:1 8ms, will it run my 360 at 1080p and movies without this "ghosting" i hear about.

Personally I cannot speak for the N87, but M87/86 works fine with any movie through a HDMI cable and is great with the 360.

Anybody else shed any light on the N87? If you can get the credit tho elsewhere then buy the M87...your saving almost £100 after quidco! Tough one tho finding decent finance at this time of year.

I think some places have the spec wrong. Its 10000:1 where as the M87 is 15000:1 and people say better by far

You can get the M86 (no idea the difference to the M87) from Dixons using codes in another post and quidco for around £670. I'd think this is a good deal if you fancy a Samsung. If you got an Egg card you could get it even cheaper, though I read that Egg are now not taking on new members and are getting rid of existing credit card users! :?

There is one for sale at Aldi from 7th Feb

Tevion 32Inch LCD TV:
HD Ready
2x HDMI Ports
Intergrated Freeview
etc etc

for £349.99

I can't find all the specs for it though
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