Looking to buy a decent entry level hybrid bicycle - Advice please!

Found 15th May
Hoping for some advice while I research into purchasing a new men's bicycle.

My old mountain bike I have been raised on is now retired and looking to get a hybrid and have a few questions for somebody in the know please.

(I've taken a guess with hybrid, mostly planning for road cycling, but the odd off road/centre parc adventure)

Frame size - I'm 6 ft 2 inches - according to halfords that means I should be looking around a 20" frame, is that correct?

My mountain bike had old v-brakes - are these disc brakes worth the investment for quality/ easier maintenance?

Not sure what is a reasonable amount to spend, certainly hoping to keep costs under £750, and need a helmet as well. Advice on good sellers/shops would be really helpful.
Any other tips would be much appreciated thank you!
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Not sure if you have looked into cyclocross bikes too,you could get a half decent one for that money.

I would go for disc brakes though, better stopping power
if you are working , check if your comapany has a bike to work scheme will save you a fair bit
Best value is used obviously.

Disk brakes are very good - especially in the wetcompared to rim brakes, but will need more maintenance I think.

Sizing varies from frame to frame so I'd always try to check. You can adjust a certain amount with new stems/seatposts. I think its easier to manage with a frame on the small side rather than too big.

Personally I'd trawl the various web sites and see what I can find - the specs on that giant aren't great (altus/acera) but arent terrible either.

I'd also ask on bike specific forums like singletrack.

How about these?


Thank you, I'll have a look at these!
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