Looking to buy a Laptop also an 8gb ipod touch 2nd gen as well as a set of speakers for my ipod touch

Hey guys am new here this is my 1st post and i hope i am in the right part of this cool website for this post. I havent quite got the navigation system around my head up to now of the website but am sure Ill get to know it and become more involved with you guys. Must say up to now i have found some hot deals that I like and i hope with the help of you guys you can find me some more hot deals

Heres the deal :P hehe

I am looking to buy a laptop and a 8gb 2nd gen ipod touch as well as a set of speakers for the ipod touch.

I will start with the laptop.
I have a budget of £300 and can push to about £350

I am looking for the specification of a laptop as the one specified below (or nearest to)

2 Gig ram
120 gig HDD (least 80 gig hdd) - Defiantly would like a backup system but not necessary
Core 2 duo at 2.0 ghz processor (at least 1.6ghz)
Wireless enabled (must)
Bluetooth (but not a must)
With Windows vista

Basically I am a student and want a laptop that i will be using to complete my assignments from my university and all the other day to day things you do on computers like surfing the internet going on you tube that kinda thing. I wont be installing games, but will have the usual every day to day software installed such as MSN / Microsoft office with some virus protection, firewall and firefox. I have a Sky broadband wireless netgear router in the house that the laptop MUST be able to connect to through the internal wireless enabled chipset. Fundamentally i am looking for the best specification of a laptop that suits my budget (budget being £300- £350)

Now the 2nd Gen 8gb ipod touch

I am away over the seas in March09 for my holiday, (yes I no I no) its a few months away, but this is one of the reasons I want the Ipod touch for. Before somebody posts about reserving one from the duty free shops in the airport, I could do with using it now travelling to uni and back and using it in the everyday and at night situation. It would help on the flights and also in the accommodation, which where my speakers that I am going to buy comes into play. I know this does retail for about £160 so lets see if somebody can grab me a bargain.

Finally the Ipod speakers / Docking station.

I am not looking for a top of the range 400 Watt subwoofer that will have all the occupants in the complex of my accommodation on holiday flying complaints over to the reception of the noise of my room that will lead me getting thrown out lol, but I am looking for something quite standard but not the worst out the lot.

It will be used on holiday in the accommodation and for my bedroom. I could do with it having a remote control feature but this is not a must have feature , that goes to charging my ipod touch as well, I would like it to charge my ipod touch but its not totally compulsory as I will have my travel charging adaptor with me when I am away. I have no idea what these retail for but I am looking at the £60 mark.

Thanks guys, hope you peeps can help me

Thanks again, Craig


If you search 'ipod touch 8gb' the top one will tell you dixons using the happy5 voucher will get it for just over £150

Have a look at the HP lappy on the PC world site in the refurb section, exactly what your after
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