Looking to buy a laptop with i9 and 32gb RAM

Posted 8th Jan 2023 (Posted 13 h, 27 m ago)
Does anyone know of any laptops that are coming in at £700-800 delivered for an i9 or equivalent with 32gb RAM?
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    What do you need a i9 for? Anyway not going to happen for £800.
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    Reckon most of the i9 laptops I've seen on here recently have been upward or £1100
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    You need to either raise your budget significantly, or lower your expectations.

    Within your budget you could do Intel i7/Ryzen 7, and 16GB RAM Preinstalled and then add another 16GB RAM Yourself to get to the 32.

    But you have zero chance of stepping up to a i9/R9 and 32GB Preinstalled. That's not going to be within your budget for a LONG Time.
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    i9 + 32gb RAM for £800
    And I suppose RTX 4090 as well?
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    Cool - good luck with your search - I doubt you'll find that spec in your price range even second hand!
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    I guess also worth pointing out that there is really no point going for an i9 in a laptop format as it will subject to many performance compromises...
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    Try having a look at Currys Clearance Centre if you have one nearby
    Was amazed at some of the stuff they had at ours
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