looking to buy a new laptop

    hi, sorry its another laptop thread but im wanting to buy a new laptop over the coming week
    either instore/online

    i want one with a cheap extra warranty as ive had bad experiences with laptops and warranty comes in handy (ive seen acer warrantys are cheap - £60 for 3 years)

    ideally i want :-
    4gb ram
    windows 7
    15"/17" screen - i dont mind
    hdmi / bluray
    a reasonable graphics card - not a huge gaming fan
    webcam nd wifi
    a large battery would be handy

    and looking to spend around £400 - £450



    Windows 17, now you are getting advanced.

    Your best of looking on dell, can customize one, but with blu-ray and spec, could be hard at the price.

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    yeh true, iv jus realised blu-ray is not a must for me, iv got a ps3 so i wont really need bluray

    This on a quick search has blu ray but is a dual core at £500 -…-2-

    If you can go without blu-ray, then ebuyer has some good bergins without, for well under budget.

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    is acer a good company to go with? i only favour them because of their cheap extra warranty?
    what are your reviews on the company?

    I can't honestly answere that as I have never owned an acer but going buy the odd opinions I have seen there is a small amount of concern as to the quality/build, I emphasise the word small. In my case I would probably take the plunge.
    gl with you search :santa:

    Looks like Dell have just dropped their prices now the Christmas hype has finished…BB1
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