Looking to buy a Nikon D5300 with VR II compact lens kit, have been offered £515 via flubit, would anyone say this is a good price?

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Found 2nd Dec 2014
Like all flubit items it will be sold via Firework Merchant Ltd so not sure this will be eligible for cashback from Nikon as I understand it has to be “stock distributed by Nikon UK” as per their website FAQ. The problem is how do I know where the stock has been distributed from, Flubit don't give you that kind of info...?

Just to mention I'm not really interested in buying from sites like Portus digi or slrhut so not interested in their prices.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.


flubit have a phone number on their site. ask them about the cashback. i have never ordered anything via flubit but did get intetesting offers. might try it on less expensive kit first as this whole Fireworks Ltd sounds dodgy as f to me

fireworks ltd is just their trading name

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Thanks for your responses guys.

Just phoned both Fireworks merchant and Flubit. The fireworks merchant call centre sounds like several eastern europeans running around like headless chickens, the lady who answered seemed to be very preoccupied with something else and had no idea what to do with my question other than to direct me to an email address, so I got well and truly hot potato'd.

The lady who answered my call to Flubit was equally unhelpful and her tone was borderline rude and dismissive although she was at least focused on what I was saying. I asked if it was UK stock and eligible for the Nikon cashback offer to wish she replied there would no cashback available from "us" (flubit). I went on to explain further that it would come from Nikon and not flubit at which point she huffily directed me to the same email address, hot potato'd again.

I have used flubit before for smaller items and everything was fine but then I had no questions that needed answering for those items, just bought, paid and then delivered. Overall not impressed with this experience so I think I might avoid them in future for big ticket items such as DSLR's despite the fact that I may have to pay more and stick to getting small discounts from them.
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