Looking to buy a pedigree puppy, anyone know where to start looking?

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Found 8th Jun 2011
Was looking on Gumtree, but some of the dogs in really scummy areas so unsure how to see if theyre real pedigrees or not.

Was interested in a puppy thats good with children, so no rottweilers, lol.

I thought that Golden Retrievers were really cute, so am eding towards them in my choice. Ultimately it all boils down to how cute the pup looks.



Watch out for puppy farmed animals. Dogs from farms in Wales and Ireland. If you're buying a pedigree, make sure you can see the parents of the puppy.

Have a look on the Kennel Club webpage for recommended breeders...


how about a dogs home or the RSPCA?
You can also go direct to the kenel clubs

If you want a dog that's good with children, you can't beat a labrador.

Although, in terms of temperament, alot of dog breeds get a bad name when it's the owners/way they were brought up that is to blame...

Check the Kennel Club recommended dogs as actually Labradors (which many think are fab) are some of the worst with children and rottweilers are pretty highly rated.

It seems lists have changed and Labs are now back up there with the best, still worth looking at the recommended lists such as therealowner.com/dog…gs/

Also, you're not going to keep a puppy, you'll be keeping an adult dog, so choosing on how cute the pup looks may not be particularly advisable, if you are unable to exercise the adult dog sufficiently/don't have enough space/think it's downright ugly later on.
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Three things to consider.
1. Puppies don't stay puppies, they eventually grow into old incontinent mutts.
2. 'Pedigree' dogs have far more health issues than mongrels.
3. Rescue homes are full of dogs needing to be rehomed (usually just for the crime of not being puppies anymore).
Sorry if I sound patronising but could you at least go & have a look at a rescue centre?


What's so special about pedigrees then? Is it so you can buy Pedigree Chum in the supermarket?

preloved sometimes advertise puppies
the paper
or here pets.local.thesun.co.uk/

like g1bbuk said, there are loads of dogs needing rehoming, and they often have puppies in aswel
unless you get an original breed (think theres very few now that havent been messed with) pedigree dogs do often develop very expensive health issues unfortunately, and if you dont want to rescue one, there are still plenty of mongrel puppies that need rehoming that will cost more in the region of £100 rather than £500 upwards for a pedigree
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"Ultimately it all boils down to how cute the pup looks."

Glad you're going to do your research and choosing wisely then oO

You can normally tell with the price, if theyre much cheaper than the breeders prices then steer clear (well, I would personally).. Same with adverts that say theyre cheap because there are no KC papers. Theres loads of questions you need to ask, mostly you want to see the parents and their papers.. Google will tell you the questions you should be asking (I cant be bothered to list them!)
First place to look is a breeder I think, Google local ones nr you and see if they are due pups.

Avoid Sun pups like the plague, so many scammers on there its unreal, its just a sheer waste of time sending out emails.

Id say Labs or pugs, although pugs are prone to illness.. and they snuffle alot which might be annoying to some! Not sure about post #6, Ive never heard anything about Labs being bad with kids.

Dont go on cuteness.. its a different story when that cute little ball of fluff is a yr old and its this massive dog that may not be suitable for you/your family.

I would also like to second all those who have recommended rescue centres. If you are going to love your new puppy, it's not about having a pedigree, just as we would hopefully not favour a child for having blonde hair and blue eyes. I fell in love with my dog when I went to the rescue centre, he was a tiny, mongrel puppy, who climbed up my jumper and nibbled my ear when I held him. Insanely cute. Also, he was one of a kind.

I would say the Kennel Club is the way to go. Retrievers are fantastic dogs, but do be aware that they are mega hairy, and cast 24/7 My avitar is my last guide dog puppy, Nevis, (retriever/lab cross) who is just about to start working in Belfast. My new puppy again lab/retriever cross arrives on Wednesday....can't wait!


Golden Retiever..... Or Labradoodle!

Ring local kennel clubs. Make sure you see the pups parents - not just to see temperament, but check their pedigree. Then seek further advice from the kennel club on your findings.

Greyhound puppies r the cutest little things and by getting one you save it from going into a life of work. Also they are very good with children, good natured and good temperament.
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starting point would be kennel club or breed clubs, don't buy from newspapers or internet sites you'll only end up heartbroken when the puppy gets ill

as an accredited breeder i would advise to see mum with pups and dad too if possible, make sure all relevant health checks are done too

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