Looking to buy a Ryzen Gaming PC around £1k

Posted 23rd Apr 2021
I've been looking for around 6 months for a new PC to replace my 8 year old current PC.
I want it to be able to handle modern games but also be used for work too. I do a fair bit of multitasking so need it to be quick.
I have my eye on the deal @sarden84 posted a while back from Palicomp with the £700 upgrade - palicomp.co.uk/amd…buy
I'm just wondering if there's any better combinations out there that I've not seen yet?
Ideally I want a good GPU, with a good CPU, a minimum of 16gb RAM, and WiFi either built in or added extra.
I'm not sure what the best combination of hard drive is either as I'd like it to boot fast and load applications/games fast.

It's been a while since I've played this type of game on PC but I'd like it to comfortably handle something like Cyberpunk/Battlefield etc.

I appreciate all suggestions and help.

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