Looking to buy a screen to go with the laptop

Found 4th Mar 2018
I think I have understood the pros and cons but I am hoping someone else has been round this decision process and can help me check my understanding.

My 13" laptop (Dell XPS 9333) supports full HD (1920x1080). The graphics card can drive 2560x1440 but the connector cable governs the refresh speed down from 60 to 35 when using the Mini display port. I believe it can drive it faster over USB3. I have no HDMI connection. I am using the display port + DVI to a 23" screen now but the definition is not good enough for pictures.

I am looking at a Dell screen which can support 2560x1440 and has displayport and USB3 connections.

Does anyone drive a 24" 2560x1440 screen via USB3? Or have other comments?
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Less problems with displayport - Usb3.0 isnt really geared for graphics display - Remember its a shared bus on the usb controller - I have seen glitches when plugging in high power devices to other usb3.0 ports - I would go displayport thats what its designed for getting 144khz if you want less hassle but either will work.

I dont know anyone who uses Usb-C for gfx but hey who cares you can be a pioneer if you aree willing to pay for the pain lol

Check this for more info its quite good:-
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Thank you very much Omendatall
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