Looking to buy a Vauxhall Astra Type H Advice/Insight Please

    Hi there as title says, im looking to buy myself a vauxhall astra type H in either 1.4 - 1.6 engine size. Has anyone got much mechanical running experience with them or guidelines for the prices etc

    Looking for 3 door sportshatch, 55reg and above, sub 50k on the clock if possible Any colour apart from orange

    Thanks in advance


    Just got rid of a 1.6 Zafira, Same engine as Astra, It was very reliable and never had any problem engine wise other than burning loads of oil which is the norm for them engines.

    It had 88k on mine, 50k on a smaller car with less weight I'd imagine wouldn't burn as much oil.

    Rather dull but functional cars.

    Focus is much better though.

    I've got an astra 1.6, it's a 59 plate. Nice enough car, but it's having a few problems (as some cars do). Unfortunately, vauxhall's customer service is particularly dire, amongst the worst I've come across. So if you have any problems, you'll struggle with them...
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