Looking to Buy Android Tablet advice

    Budget around 100£. where is the best place to get one. will mainly be used for browsing, reading and word, exel work.
    thank you


    You get what you pay for with these devices. Next were offering one with a better spec than the one you're looking at and that was slagged off something chronic....…10/

    I'd avoid.

    Just found a review for yours:…ars

    It sucks.

    there is only one half decent android tablet out at the moment and that is the Galaxy Tab.

    Dont bother wasting your money on anything else, they just arent worth it.
    Wait untill Q2 next year and there may be some better stuff out.

    I've said this loads of times on similar threads!

    Never expect a iPad, they're sooo slow! Incapable of browsing via Flash or even good programmes because they are mostly based on linux with a android emulator installed

    Actualy id stay away from the galaxy tab. Gets really bad reviews. If I was you I'd wait for android gingerbread to be released. The current version if android is only designed for phones not tablet pcs. I was looking every were for a good tablet pc the best budget one u will find is the advent vega sold by dixsons, pc world and currys for £250. But they are like hot cakes at the moment. I in the end went for the iPad, it can't be beaten. All the other devices are slow, frustrating with crappy resistive screens!

    advent vega is pretty good, theres a good little community over at for them aswell, if one of the biggest and best android devs has one then id say they are pretty good. been v happy with mine so far.

    I'd 2nd the advent vega, I love mine it's a great bit of kit but it's around £240 - there is a smaller 7" version I think that is around £130 but not heard much about that.
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