Looking to Buy Cheap Blank DVD and CD Media + Free Delivery


    Anyone know of any cheap web-sites.

    To Buy Cheap Blank DVD and CD Media + Free Delivery



    ] do free delivery on orders over £250
    ] do the same

    ] do some kind of discounted shipping but i cannot find the information on there website.

    I dont know if anyone is doing free shipping just now on standard orders. I would like to know too if anyone knows as I am about to make an order.

    svp have a ]list of items which allow your order to qualify for 99p delivery; also had a £3 off £30 discount but i think that expired yesterday :-(

    Original Poster

    thanks but i want free P+P

    Not going to happen, not on a regular sized order anyway. DVD media free delivery. check deals forum for details


    thanks but i want free P+P

    So you want cheap media and free p&p?

    Sorry but you are not going to get both!
    If you want free delivery, i suggest you get off your Ar*e and collect them yourself you tight wad:x


    thanks but i want free P+P

    try ]

    What sort a quantities do you want to buy in? Why is free p&p so important - surely its the end-price (per unit) that is what matters.
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