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Found 13th Nov 2010
I'm looking to buy a NAS drive to share between 2 computers at work. I already have a router set up between the computers to access the internet etc, so I'm not really sure what else I'd need to get this set up complete.

I really only need to share documents, so I don't need a vast amount of hard drive space, 320GB will be more than sufficient.

Any pointers on any good deals out there would be greatly appreciated.

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Have a look at the QNAP range of NAS drives, they have built in processors and memory, come with hot swappable bays, I have the 409 pro, it's about 3 years ols nd runs like a dream, supports raid 0, 1 & 5. I checked out and researched NAS drives via the following site;
Good luck.

If all you want to do is share documents between two computer then a NAS may be overkill.

It is very easy to share disks between computers, so why not set up a shared folder on one of the PCs so the other PC can access it.

Of course if you want to do more with your NAS, like use it as a backup device, then that is another matter.

Note there are some "easy to use" NAS devices (I suppose called desktop NAS), that are little more than grand external hard drives, that can be bought for say £100 and are easy to use. These nearly always come with the hard disk(s) already in the case.

Here is ebuyers take on desktop NAS devices


But there are also "harder to use" NAS devices like Synology and QNAP that may be overkill if you dont want to do RAID or set up other complex NAS options (Bittorrent, FTP etc). These often DONT come with the hard disk(s) in the case and have to be bought separatly. These are NAS enclousures.

Here is ebuyers list of NAS enclousures


Below is one of the "easy to use" NAS devices as an example that you can get for £100. Note this is not "heavy duty" but will be fine for simple document sharing.
Note I only picked on this as an exmaple, there are loads of other similar ones for around the same price.


Note, while you say you only need 320Gb now, you may well find you start using your NAS for other things (backups etc) so I would go for at least 1TB. Anything less is just not worth it.

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