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    hi all,
    I have a new job now that requires me to travel 30 miles a day. I am thinking to get a scooter intead of driving my car to save on diesel. - I tried to cycle one day, and it was a bit too muchh to do it everyday.. ANyone here ride scooter? Also which brand has a good resale value, reliability, etc? thanks!


    Hi TinoP

    I ride a little Honda 400cc motorbike to work everyday (and it's snowing today eek!). My Honda is 20 years old, looks reasonably modern and never misses a beat. It has never broken down in the 4 years that I have owned it, and I ride it almost every day.

    Pretty much any major brand will be decent these days, Yamaha, Sukuki, Honda, Piaggio, Vespa or Gilera.

    Your choice will depend on your budget and size of engine you want. What kind of thing have you thought about?

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    I was just looking for a 50 or 100cc scooter. I saw a lot of ebayer selling chinese - made scooter. And I am a bit worried about spending £ 500 on a scooter and die within 2 months.

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    [SIZE=2]before you accused me of being racist - I am not, because I am part chinese [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]I know most of things are made in China, but I also know that they make nice things and make crappiest thing as well.[/SIZE]

    I wasn't going to accuse you of being racist! It's well known that many of the cheaper Chinese produced bikes have a slimmer budget attributed to QA.

    What I do know is that there are a few Chinese manufacturers that are officially sanctioned by Honda to produce Honda bikes under license. These are likely to be a little more expensive than an ebay special, but have, in general got better reviews.

    If you're mechanically minded, then some of the ebay scooters are actually not bad. Most are unofficial copies of Hondas and the parts are identical. There are alot of garages getting behind these bikes and providing good service cover and the like, so I wouldn't discount them just because they are cheap.

    Is £500 your budget? Or can you go higher?

    You can pick up a new honda 100cc scooter for less than £1500 these days, and you'd have years of trouble-free use out of that. Some of the little Yamaha Jogs/Aerox's look cracking these days as well.

    If you let me know your budget then I can have a look to see what I'd recommend.

    I looked into getting a scooter last year, i looked at the Baotian 50cc scooter from ebay. I had an ask around in local scooter shops who thought they looked ok but wanted to sell me one of theirs instead.

    The insurance was really cheap and the Baotian is listed as a known scooter make on most insurance websites.

    I also looked at this website for information

    Also found a web site about de-ristricting one to make it faster but cant find that now.


    Derestricting some of these bikes may be as simple as removing a little washer from the exhaust and adding a larger carb jet. A couple of hours job for even the most cack-handed mechanic.

    I've seen these little 50cc scooters going 40-50mph!

    Check this site:…ter

    started riding about 6 months ago. i would recommend a 125cc scooter as these can go up to 70-80mph so if you are travelling distances, it is useful to have the extra power.

    I can definitely recommend you get a big wheeled scooter (16in whhels) as they are much more stable and ride like a proper bike.

    Stay well clear of that ebay chinese junk!

    Good models are Honda Sh, Hoinda Dylan, Piaggio beverly, Piaggio Liberty, etc

    Stick with Honda, yamaha and Piaggio as these will do 100,000 km if treated well.

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