Looking to buy the Ulefone Power 2 - but would like some advice from you phone veterans.

Found 15th Jul 2017
I have a ulefone paris, and been quite happy with i, but after about two years, the battery swelled up and seems to have done some damage.

So, I am looking at the current deal HERE but I wonder if there's anything I should be wary of?

I don't want to root it or install custom roms or anything, it'll be facebook, music, mainly off the sd card and bbc app, and mobile games.

For 140 quid it does seem like a lot of phone, 4gb/64gb, 8 cores, etc, but I did have to replace my battery twice with the ulefone paris.
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Did you get the Power 2 in the end ?
I've recently got one myself.
Got a Xiami note 4, 4gb/64gb on the way, but it's apparently been on a plane for about a week...
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