Looking To Find These Envelopes

    This is a rather strange request but I am seeking quite specific envelopes and wondered if someone had an idea where to look.

    I was looking for an effective way to store my silk scarves and came across this fantastic method (see post1). In America the envelopes are called 'archival window envelopes' and consist of a full frontal window to the envelope. See the photos to see what I'm on about.

    I have googled a bit, but 'window' envelopes simply bring up those envelopes with a small window to display addresses.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks so much!


    OH MY GOOD GOD!!!! That is the coolest thing EVER!! DQ - Where did you get the envelopes? Thank you soooo much for sharing your system! That is extremely generous of you!!

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    is there a uk stockist? I think the envelopes she uses are just card/paper ones, but these would certainly do if I can't find the others!

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    thankyou so much, without sounding horribly geeky and picky though they need to be half paper/card so the silk can 'breathe' and not go mouldy if any moisture is trapped. Thanks so much for looking though, I'm struggling to find anything like them!

    Put some hole punches in them?

    The card will help, keep the envelope structured too, i understand, the ones featured in your link are postcard, document storage, so try searching for that.

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    Thankyou very much, I will continue to search with those keywords. The archival ones are fantastic as they are acid-free also, preventing any other damage to the scarves. I may end up emailing the us company and asking them to post to me specially!

    Or try secol

    What about simple CD sleeves ? You can pick these up really cheap and get card from any craft shop
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    Cd sleeves wouldn't be big enough to store my scarves in unfortunately but good idea! Miss Gem I think you may have found them!!

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    61% off those too!

    What an interesting idea
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