Looking to get a new broadband and phone package.

    Looking to get a new broadband and phone package

    Was wondering what you all conside to be the best deal out there atm ?
    Any extras such as television are also welcomed.

    Thanks in advance!


    I live in an area which cannot get Freeview television. To get Virgin or BT free television you need to be in a Freeview area - and so the cheapest option for me is Sky. I get the £16.50 television package and free broadband. You then pay them £10 a month for your phoneline rental and get free calls evenings and weekends. So for £26.50 I get Sky television, broadband, telephone line rental and free calls evening and weekends - not bad.

    do you have an o2 contract or payg?

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    No unfortuantly i do not have either.

    to get virgin u don't need to be in a freeview area you just need to know if there cable service is in the area

    what type of package u after as what you lookin for in terms of phone and broadband

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    Unfortuantly i dont live in a cable area . I do have freeveiw at the moment but was looking to upgrade to a better TV deal . Well 8m broadband and cheap phone package and TV is an extra .

    its worth noting that unless you are in an LLU area of any of these providers you wont receive the best price. Check ]here to see who is available in your area so you can make a more informed choice.

    If you happen to be a Vodafone mobile customer then you can't go far wrong with VodafoneAtHome. It's £25 per month inc. line rental and for that you get free land line calls all day every day, 8Mb broadband, caller id, 25% discount on mobile calls compared to BT etc. More info here:…026
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