Looking to get a new phone - help pls!!


    Can anyone recommend a new handset? I generally buy the newest and best mobiles every year but my Nokia 8800 Sirocco contract is up and now i need to get a new mobile.

    So far I have looked at SE W960i or the Nokia N95 8GB Black.. Which one would you recommend?

    Is there any other mobiles about that similar in price/quality/feature as these? oh i have a ipod touch already so wont want a iphone.

    Many thanks!


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    Oh, i meant out of the W960i Vs N95 8Gb,which one is better?

    Are you getting rid of the 8800? if so what do you want for it?

    As a Nokia fan I'd get the N95, but saying that, I don't know anything about the SE but I've just looked at some pics of it and it looks a hell of a lot nicer than the N95!

    I considered both these when selecting my new phone, i've just ordered the SE:thumbsup:

    I've considered both as well, and am edging towards the W960i mainly due to the build quality on the Nokia's seems to be a bit circumspect... on the w960i you get handwriting recognition...I used to have this system on the SE P900 and P910 and it works my view well worth losing GPS over...:)
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