Looking to get a ps3 so wondering how much i would get for this

    Xbox 360 premium, 20g hdd, Jst over 6 months old,
    2 wireless controllers,
    1 wired plug and play kit,
    all the cabels for the xbox to work

    the following games,
    Cod 4
    Cod Waw
    Gears of war
    Gta Iv
    Madden 07 Hall Of Fame Edition
    Madden 08
    Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty
    Smackdown vs Raw 2007Steel Tin edition + 2008 Regular
    Dead Rising
    Silent Hill Homecoming
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance Gold edition
    Condemned 2
    Tiger Woods 09
    Mass Effect
    Rainbow six vegas
    Rockband solus
    Guitar Hero 3 + wireless guitar Boxed
    Assasins Creed
    Army of Two
    Nba 2k6
    Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
    Devil May Cry 4

    cheers for the help guys


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    oh yeah i dont know if thats makes a difference to the price but i can play it high def

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    guys please i would really appriciate a bit of info

    is this a us ntsc console as silent hill homecoming is currently only out in the states and doesnt work on pal consoles??
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