Looking to get my car repainted , Like to now best places ?

    As the above .

    Just aquired a Ford Fiesta 5dr 1.1
    I was wondering were the best place to get it resprayed near birmingham would be ?
    And approximately how much that would cost ?
    If any one knows would be a great help



    Why does it need a respray??

    Whats wrong with the paintwork??


    Why does it need a respray??Whats wrong with the paintwork??




    Perhaps he just need a change? Nothing wrong with that,but it won't fool the cameras! :whistling:

    It's like real life GTA - they sound like they're in a rush...



    Cost you about £1000-£2000 it's a fiesta god damn lol, and they'll probably mess up any anti-corrosion techniques the manufactures have used (depending on year). I had a panel done on my Golf, they sanded it down to bare metal ridding it of the galvanised coating, it's now rusting to hell.

    Original Poster Banned

    You make me sound like a guy on the run lol
    Cheers bit to much to be honest was hoping it would be cheaper .
    Aw well will have to keep the same colour .

    Cheers any way
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