Looking to invest in a digital camera

    Good Evening people.

    I'm looking at buying a new digital camera, and I have no idea where to start. So I would like to know what you would recommend?
    I don't want anything too pricey. Under £100 would be great. I want a camera that looks the part and it needs to be thin. I don't want to have something too bulky. And obviously it has to take pretty decent pictures.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


    Canon IXUS 105 Digital Camera - Pink (12.1 MP, 4x Optical Zoom) 2.7 Inch PureColor LCD
    we looked at this camera on amazon it comes in pink brown silver and aqua , i dont really know a lot about cameras but it has got really good reviews £99.99

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    I'll check that out now. Thanks

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    you could probably get a camera that suits your needs for £50

    That would be good. But I really don't know where to start looking to be honest.

    go to put in digital cameras in the search box , it will give you a good idea of the broad range of cameras that are available from £10.00 upwards you can look at some of the different specifications the cameras have to offer , this site is always my first port of call when i am looking for something .
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    The specs on that don't look bad, but I'm looking for something a bit more, stylish/pretty, and thinner. I know, I'm very picky.
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    no prob, it was only a starting point and your only at half your budget … no prob, it was only a starting point and your only at half your budget so far

    Thanks for that suggestion though. I do appreciate it

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    I'd love anything that looks like this

    But that specific camera is around £250 I think, so it's way out of my price range.

    I think the above suggestion for an Ixus is a good one as it is a very stylish and small camera, I don't think you'll find much else in that price range that offers anything similar. I bought an Ixus 100 for my Mum for much the same reasoning as she wanted a very slender camera she could easily carry with her and very pleased with the Ixus. I think Panasonic and Fuji have some similar slim cameras as the Sony above for less although I don't think they're a good choice, the super slim design rather than the conventional extending lens barrel is not good for image quality.

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    nearest i can find to that at the moment is ebay 350384015082 but its £125

    Oh I like that A LOT!
    Cor, only if it was in black, I'd pay the little extra for it.

    Fuji 10m pixel touch screen digital camera FinePix Z300 was £239.00Now £119.00Save £120.00
    Cat No: PS80614 woolworths or additions on line buy now pay oct 2011 their might even be some discount codes available .

    Fujifilm FinePix Z70 Slimline 12 Megapixel Digital Camera Purple
    Item code: 119644962 £129.00 these two cameras are a bit more then you are looking to pay but are nice looking cameras
    at sainsburys


    bizarre that people get fixated more on how a camera looks rather than the quality of the picture it takes. No-one looks at you when you are taking a pic lol

    I would recommend a Pentax Optio H90 - superb price for a quality camera but doubt op would appreciate it aesthetically lol…496
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