looking to learn guitar

    just after some general pointers. what accoustic guitar should i be looking at to learn on. can't really afford lessons so goin to be a mix of books and youtube. so any pointers welcomed.


    Go to a local music shop where you can try different guitars to find one that your comfortable with.

    I got a really nice electric guitar with an amp on ebay for £68 delivered. Brand new:thumbsup:

    I would choose a classical with nylon strings, and not too cheap.. make sure you are ok with the "action".. that is how far the strings are away from the neck, especially lower down the neck. The hardest part to begin with is getting your fingers to move where you want them to as a group... but don't give up.. it comes.. And I would learn 4 or 5 main chords like C G A D... and E lots of songs use just these chords. Good Luck !!

    The only advice I would give is that when you start learning, practice for short periods frequently rather than long periods infrequently. 10 mins a day is much better than one hour a week.

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    cheers guys
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