Looking to learn how to drive - are there any deals still around?

    I've seen a few deals here in the past, but I've never enquired about them. I've had a few lessons, on and off for years really, so I'm not looking for one of those packages suited for someone who has never driven before.

    I'm actually even considering learning to drive using automatic transmission, this deal request may go abit off topic, but I need to pass quite quickly - will learning using an automatic car speed up the process?

    Anyways all advise is appreciated, rep for all help.


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    Im not sure whether learning to drive an automatic will be quicker matey...have you driven an automatic before? if so then obviously you might find it easier, but to be honest gear changes are the least of your worries...the majority of lessons are about hazard awareness, learning the rules of the road, and of course the manouvres (3 point turn, reverse park etc)....driving an automatic car might help make things a little easier, but not sure if it will save you much money over taking manual insctructor will be able to tell how ready you are, regardless of what you are driving, so its all down to how well you can drive/how alert to danger you are etc, rather than what you drive..

    If you need help with your theory, i also have the official theory test dvd for sale if that would help matey
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