Looking to learn sql, please help

    Hi guys, I wonder if any of you would be so kind enough to help. I'm looking to learn SQL server and I would like to get some books to help me out but i'm not sure which ones would be best. I'm a total novice at SQL so i'm looking for some beginner books. Is it best to learn Microsoft server or would Oracle or other be best to learn for future jobs prospects???

    I have found these two on amazon:…-13


    If anyone has any better books for me to read please let me know. Also if Microsoft is best to go with, is it best to start with server 2005 or go straight to 2008

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.


    I'm not expert in SQL but always trust user reviews
    also check for people's review

    take up a sql server exam, normally colleges provide this and you sit a microsoft exam. you can do it part time or full time, get a qualification out of it aswell as a bit of experience. have a look at this, will help you…spx
    usefull as its a roadmap to get betteshow you what qualifications you can get, i done different sql emicrosoft exams hardware/software, in software doing degree atm and good thing with microsoft is that they have an interface to let you know exams to take to get to the end result

    > Is it best to learn Microsoft server or would Oracle or other be best to learn for future jobs prospects???

    What job do you want?

    While Microsoft make a great job of promoting SQL Server I think there are more Oracle databses in the world than SQL Server. Oracle has more large databases as well.

    IBM also have their DB2 relational databases, and some of the largest databases in the world are in DB2.

    So what you learn really depends on what job you want to get.

    Within the world of relational databases there are a number of different jobs (database designer, technical support, SQL language expert, data warehouse designer etc) so you need to think about what job you want.

    I worked for many years with relational databases so do have some experience.

    You would be best to concentrate on learning about relational databases to start with, and then consider learning about specific databases.
    I'm an Oracle DBA, but spent years doing other jobs (programmer, analyst, software designer, business analyst, systems manager etc). The experience helped me immensely when I did eventually move on to DBA work. Not saying that this is the way that you should go, but if you get a better idea of how things work then it will help you to decide what discipline you like & what you really want to do. Don't expect to start as a DBA, as companies want experience for these roles. But there are plenty of other jobs that you can start on.
    As for books, any book is a good book if it teaches you, but I would stick with the 'real' books (McGraw Hill are a good site, as are O'Reilly & Osborne).
    Oracle allow you to download their software free of charge if you're using it to learn; they also have comprehensive guides (
    Browse through the various online forums for SQL Server & Oracle, as this will help you get an idea of the sort of problems that people are having to solve.
    Whatever you decide to do, good luck!

    I have some programming books, including some sql for sale on this thread…867

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    That's great, thanks for all he replies everyone, some great info there. I've just been made redundant from my job in desktop support, so i though this would be a good time to look at a change of path.

    guilbert53 - Database design and/or tech support is what I would like to do.

    cis_groupie - I will look at relational databases to get a good grounding first and see where it takes me, thank you.

    thanks everyone for the advice

    I found this quite helpful to start but it's not a book

    SQL Demo
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    another great site, thanks natversion1
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