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Hi, Im soon to be getting a high ended laptop. I want to get into a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) and was just wondering if there is any sort of scene on specific MMORPG here?

How about individuals?

Please don't say Runescape. Ive played this game since it came out in 2001 and have played it to death albeit inconsistently post 2007.

WoWs a no brainer but are there any other ones available or coming out in the near future?


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You can try It is no so popular and the graphics is really oldschool but the playability is very good.

EVE online? Lord of the Rings online?

If ur under 20 its a life ruiner, just warning you prior

Guild Wars would be the next one I can think of off the top of my head (also has NO subscription fees!), along with FF11 (has subscription).

Have heard of Starcraft I think, and Everquest. Wouldn't bother with those though.

Haven't played WoW (would love to though! but refuse to spend the cash and sink my time into it) but I would just go for that if it's your thing - No point spending money on other MMOs (as I said, GW is free, just need to pay for the install discs - pretty good game imo).
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