looking to purchase a macbook

    mainly for just browsing the internet, creating documents.

    friend has recommeded them as they're realiable.

    which would be the best model for browsing the internet and playing cds? and where would be the best place to purchse a macbook?

    all replies would be appreciated. many thanks.


    If you know a student wait until August, go to the apple store with a student card and not only do you get a discount but you also get a free iPod (via cashback) which helps to recover some of the cost making it even cheaper!

    You only need a basic 13" macbook/macbook pro I would say, you can usually pick them up on here for the student prices via other retailers - currys/pcworld/dixons/amazon at one time or another.

    I have a mac, but to be honest to do what you are looking is far too expensive, macs are awesome but for simply browsing and email and documents it would be wasted you could spend half the cost on an PC based machine that would do this, it won't look as pretty but it will do all you require

    i disagree, mac is perfect for what you want


    Going to agree with badass for a change and say get a cheapo laptop for what you need it for.

    I agree with the others, if all your doing is browsing and playing CDs a mac is overkill, save yourself some money and go for a netbook.
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