looking to replace kids TV's

    Anyone help i'm looking to replace my kis TV's im looking for 19" lcd with freeview and dvd player built in any idea's wanting to know how much to save.



    I would say to get one from a shop...i got one from an Ebay shop for my son and it broke within a month!! Not good at all as he paid for it himself (he's and cost over 100 quid. Places like tesco seem to have good deals on....mainly instore tho.

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    didn't think i could get one this cheap i will have a look around and see not sure whether to go for a name i know or this its just want to de clutter the kids room and cut down on the stuff in there ie the freeview box the dvd player and the TV combi!!!!

    Dont bother guys dont waist ya money there not that good Technika and umc and bush tvs suffer from the dreaded stand buy faults had one just out of warranty good job i had extended warranty not a bad tv for the money got a new one then sold it bnib and bought a nice LG... BUT YOU MUST TAKE OUT EXTRA WARRANTY 3 OR 5 YEAR or you will be stuffed thats why tesco started offering the extended warranty on a lot of things to many faulty tvs came back so just be carefull when buying the chepo tvs or you will be stuffed but then it aint that cheep now i would not buy one of these cheep supermarket tv again i learned my lesson the dont last that long pay the extra and buy a lg or samsung will last ya years you know it the rite thing ta do !!!! you do get what ya pay for..............or buy one from richer sounds these chepo tvs not wort it which ever way you want to look at it picture crap put it up against a LG Samsung Philips they will hammer day in day out..........A CHEEP BAG OF CRAP and you know it.......................Depends how Deep ya pockets are go buy a real tv from Richer Sounds........................READ THIS…tml

    we got this…804

    135 quid. built in dvd and freeview and hd ready
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