Looking to replace SKY

    hey as the title says. im sick of paying £50 a month for SKY because we only really watch the freeview channels and sky sports and record the soaps etc. so iv been trying to find alternatives such as a Freeview recorder. Im trying to get a setup were i get all the features of sky+ ie: recording, pause live tv etc and sky sports. iv read that sky sports is £32 a month through TopUp TV which is pretty scandelous. so im wondering is there are any good deals on freeview recorder preferably HD.


    i am as well - got freesat+ box - just waiting for o/h to set up

    cancelled sports at end of season - cancelled movies few weeks ago - till paying too much

    going to go with post office for phone and internet - will have a look at quidco see if theres any cash back

    was wondering whether we will be able to use sky satellite dish

    If you can get freeview via your current terrestrial aerial, you should be able to grab a £200gb PVR box for £50, they are tumbling due to FreeviewHD only being 10months old, FreeviewHD being new has a hard premium on it.

    Ultimately though if you want the footy, you want Sky Sports, so there's no real getting away from it, wanting football = paying Sky

    I have a humax freesat HD pvr. Although its free, the user interface is nowhere near as good as sky. The remote is a real pain as you have to be directly in front of it & it lags so badly you end up pushing buttons twice & going past the channel you want.
    I know it sounds like minor niggles but I find it really annoying & I'm just waiting for the next sky deal to go back to them...

    Have you tried ringing sky to cancel? Usually they offer a discount to stay on.

    inb4 guv

    You can get Sky sports 1 and 2 from BT now

    Well if you have an xbox 360, you can get many sky subs for £10 ish maybe £5 on its own as it comes with extras. Not bad for £5 a month although the quality is near SD but deff watchable.

    phone them up get put through to cancellations and you may get a 6 month half price deal, i phoned up to see if their was any deals for existing customers and got 25% discount for 6 months. was not going to leave but just sick of all the deals that were for new customers only.
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