Looking to sell a car online (ebay motors, etc.) - any advice?

Hi all,

My girlfriend has just started university and no longer needs her little '99 Peugeot 106. I'm looking to put it up for sale online and am wondering if anyone here has any advice for an easy sale.

From looking at a new car auctions on ebay, it would seem plenty of people require a deposit of £100+ via PayPal once the auction ends.

What's worth including in the auction other than pics, description of car, MOT/tax left, mileage, etc?

The car is in fantastic condition so I can't see there being any conflicts after the car's been purchased!

Other than ebay where else would be worth placing the ad? How well does Autotrader work? What kinda costs are involved?

Thanks for the help crew, rep shall be left...!


I sold a Clio on ebay and it was no hassle at all. Just make sure you add photos of everything, I included photos of some of the dents on it so that they knew exactly what they would be getting. Also give them the option to view the car before the end of the auction to save them bidding then cancelling.

You could try Gumtree and local paper but I couldn't comment on how successful them would be.

i sold both our cars in gumtree very quick. it just depends on how popular it is in your area.

i live in the midlands, so listed it in all midlands and surrounding gumtree sites cos people are prepared to travel to buy a car.

good luck


dependng where you, a may be intrested in the car. 99 reg, so that what? W/X plate?

Original Poster

Thanks for the advice all.. Gonna give it a wash and take some pics during the week!

@Disco, I'm town in Tunbridge Wells so prob a bit too far for you to travel !!

If anyone's interested around Kent/Sussex/etc by all means drop me a PM. S reg 106 Zest 3, nigh-on immaculate condition.

Will rep all who's replied.

just out of interest, how much are you asking for it? (PM me if ya want!)
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