Looking to sell my sons PS3

    Hi There all,
    I am looking to sell my Sons PS3 which will come with a whole range of games & accessories. Any ideas on the best place to sell or a decent listing price.

    I tried looking at CEX but not sure if they still take them in? Any Ideas would be appreciated, the money will help go towards a new Christmas Gift for him.


    Yes, Cex still take 'em. You can get Game to price match & he can use the store credit in Game in the future. I did it a few weeks ago with my sons old 360.
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    Hello mate they will take it and depending on the model give you £20-50 maybe? Games hardly worth much but if you have move controllers ur money will bump as they pay £23 cash per controller. Hopefully will give him some cash, Merry Xmas!

    Might be worth advertising on here, CEX price will be nowhere near the market price

    Have a go at posting on here and gumtree? You should get more than you would from cex.

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    Thanks all, really appreciate it. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year
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