Looking to sell my Supercard Lite and Superkey

    How much do you think i'll get for it?



    probably however much you settle for

    Original Poster

    Come on! Roughly how much?


    how would we know how much you are going to get for something, maybe someone will offer you £5 and you will take, maybe someone will offer you £10 and you will take


    Original Poster

    I meant how much do they go for. ie. value of these things. Doesnt matter. I'll find out

    they're worth about £15 if it can play gba games.

    Otherwise, it's worth sod all really. There was a pro version that was for ds roms only (this was before slot1 cards came about mind you, you know... like the r4, cyclods and ttds?)

    Like many, you probably spent alot more on it, but that was before dealextreme took off and people started realising they were overpaying.
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