Looking to split my SKY HD signal

    With a HDMI splitter. Will it effect the quality of the signal?

    Looking at a 10m distance (If anyone knows where to pick up a 10m cable cheap, would be a great help!)

    Thanks in advance.


    ]Take your pick

    I've split my signal. One for my tv and one for the projector. I think it's worth spending out the extra for a 10 meter cable. One about the £40 should give you no worries. Also get a powered splitter. These can be had for just under £40 :thumbsup:

    Here is a cable, dont know about losing quality but i imagine you wouldnt

    ebay item : 220457451653

    I used this when I moved the Sky sysyem round the lounge. I may have got the wrong end of the stick here but I am a real technophobe.

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