Looking to start a career as a medical sales rep

    I want to start a new career in sales - preferably selling something ethical like medical products to the NHS. Has anyone ever done this type of work or know how i can get a foot in the door?

    thanks to all those who can be bothered to write a helpful response.


    . . . there is no ethical sales job

    pharmaceutical sales - ethical?!

    Lol at the selling something ethical like medical products..... do you know how over priced simple dressings are.... although NHS staff always invite reps along as the bring freebies and food! Sorry can't give you any advice how to get in it though but would probably be on comission rate and I doubt you would make many sales......

    A pal of mine dos this.

    He gets paid very very well

    He has 'A' levels and a degree too.

    If you don't have these, this is where you start!

    Good luck


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    My dads been doing it for 22 years now. I don't know what you mean by … My dads been doing it for 22 years now. I don't know what you mean by foot in the door, just apply for a job. He's was a manager for about 8 years but hated it so has now changed to a hospital rep instead. But they want him to be manager again but he refuses, but they get him to go around the UK and train the other reps and have days out with them to tell them what to improve etc.

    By foot in the doors I mean getting experience in the first place. I have a degree and 10 years of work experience but none in direct sales.

    Cheers for the comments

    These sort of jobs are very competitive. Start by having a look on some pharmaceuticals websites and see of they have any vacanies, and what sort of person specs/experience they required. Have a look at a site like this

    that will give you plenty of examples. Also, have a look at this…ves

    I know you aren't a new grad but I don't know if this sort of thing might be a good option if you are looking for a complete change of direction.

    I don't know what your degree and experience are in, but you will almost certainly need a detailed knowledge of the NHS, and perhaps some sort of NHS experience. I would imagine that you might need some sort of scientific background/degree as well. This will need to be coupled with some sales/business experience as well. If you are really keen I would suggest writing up your CV in as relevant a way as you can and sending it off to as many companies as possible, nothing to lose.

    I think you will find it very difficult to 'get your foot in the door' in this current climate and especially lacking experience in this particular field, you don't necessarily need a scientific/medical background as such to be a medical sales rep but a degree is generally required by all the big guns.

    I wish you all the best!
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