Looking to start collecting pokemon cards

Posted 6th May
hey guys maybe im just bored but i was going through some of my cards that i collected when i was younger like the marvel masterpieces and pokemon. i want to get back into it but where do i start? just start buying packs till i catch em all right lol. anyone on here who collects them
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Probably eBay or specialist websites or toy collectors fairs
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Try a1toys they had random 100 pokemon cards for £6 if you are in Glasgow static cards same company different shop, has individual cards you can pick up too..
I got the whole base set in original folders very very good condition and don't really know what to do with them they are just sat in the loft in my 30year box as I call it with a lot of other unopened stuff which may or may not be worth something in the future.
Try local car boots. I’ve seen many over the years and have often had the thought to do what your doing.
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