Looking to upgrade my graphics card

    Hey, Just got the a new Dell 24" 1080p monitor and now i want a new graphics card to better my gaming on it.

    I've really lost touch with what's new and better than i've got as i've not built a pc in around 2 years so i really need some help on this one, i am willing to spend up to £200 for the right one.

    I've got a GeForce 8800 GTS 512mb and i'm looking for a real good graphics card with a hdmi port on it with 1080p.

    Thanks guys

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    The 8800GTS 512mb is still a good card, the £90 GTS 250 is essentially the same card clocked a little higher and with a die shrink.

    To get anything significantly better you're probably looking at around £200 anyway. We've just had ATI's 5000-series released but not Nvidia's counterpart yet so considering you've already got an excellent card and can afford to wait I'd see what those are like before making any plans.

    I'd recommend staying away from HDMI unless you need the sound, the connector isn't half as good as the DVI one.
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