Looking to upgrade suntour m3020 forks. Just to something like a rockshox xc32. 29er with v-brakes. No current forks seem to have v-brake bosses. Any advice? Thanks.

Found 30th Apr 2014
I hate the suntour m3020 fork - no lockout. Just looking to spend ~ £150. The 2012 models seem to have v-brake bosses....but no joy.
Any make would do - but the rockshox with tk seem perfect for me.
My bike lurches and bounces going up hills - might just be me?
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almost any fork will be an improvement. the m3020 fork is spring with preload adjust it doesnt do any damping.
browse ebay for something near you to save on postage.
make sure it's got the same steerer length and diameter.
maybe check you are getting the same travel too as bike geometry can changed and have a negative effect (but also sometimes good)
the older rockshox, fox, manitouare are all serviceable and usualy £20-30 for something entry level used.
I can't seem to find anything....maybe I am doing the wrong kind of search!

Thanks though....think it's probably the way to go.
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