Looks like it's going to be Blu-Ray all the way.

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Found 18th Feb 2008
Toshiba expected to throw in the towel.


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All press expire please.

Who cares?

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Who cares?

Well I do and I'm sure there must be someone else who has waited for the format war to end, so as to not end up with this centuries Betamax.

I forgot to post this with it, the article also goes into type 1.0 and 1.1. Can be handy for anyone going to buy one thinking they are getting a bargain whereas what they are getting is something that has inferior features.

The war might end and then again might not, but looks like a turning point perhaps with WalMart last Friday declaring it wouldn't stock HD-DVD.

So since it's a money saving website I thought I'd post something in misc. that could have an affect on ... saving money I suppose. It's not like I launched it into 'deals' or something.

Basically I'm hoping that in the next 24hrs I will know which is going to be the winner ... or it's back to holding off.

Cackles, a 'new' thread has appeared about this twice a day for the last few days.

Old news man

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Ah well, was news to me ... and yahoo as well seeing as it was on their site less than 2hrs ... which is some comfort ... I think ...

A valid report I think.

It will be old news to the tech-buffs who keep up with the latest stories, but for the less tech-savvy amongst it may just stop them buying a HD-DVD player.
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