Looks like it's virgin broadband for me....?

    It seems like i am miles away from the nearest exchange ... my speed tests are shocking! We don't really need a phoneline as we both have mobiles. So do you think this is the best option? Help appreciated.


    I think if you can get cable broadband then it's ALWAYS the best option. I had it for years and could not fault it at all. Contention was far better than ADSL and uptime was excellent. Unfortunately I had to move house and it was to an area not covered by Telewest (Virgin). I'd go back to it in a shot if I had the chance. 50MB broadband, too right.

    I have Virgin and never had any problems with them. better as well as a bit of wind used to knock out our old Sky dish, no problem with underground cables!

    Another vote for Cable.
    In 12 months time the idea of signing up to a copper wire service where cable is available will be hilarious.
    Remember 56k dial up Modems versus Broadband? That's what it will be like.

    Original Poster

    We are lucky enough to have cable in our street so looks like the £17 a month
    For the first 6 months, then £24 a month after that ... (can't seem to find if that is 12 or 18 month) looks the best deal. Having a pvr and freeveiw already the tv seems a bit worthless.
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