Dear Priceshock users,
    On behalf of the Price Shock Team we would like to invite all members to an exclusive interview with channel 4 taking place on the 16TH JANUARY 2008, in close proximity to Birmingham city centre Have your chance to express your views regarding cash back scams and how you and people close to you were affected. Please help make a difference to all the people affected. Now is the time to unite, the networks will be asked why they have been so unsympathetic to all of us who have been severely affected by these scams. It is an hour long programme and the networks will have no place to hide. Please help us and yourselves by being on the show that the priceshock team has worked so very hard to get onto.
    For more information please email or contact a team member on 077922 85 851 or 07948385784.
    Kindest Regards
    Dispatches On behalf of Priceshock


    Reading the priceshock website, I think thsi only refers to the Mobile Connections / Dialamobile fiasco which was very specific to Birmingham.

    angel2005 - why have you felt the need to post about this 5 times?

    Original Poster

    hi Emma, there are innoccent people out there who have suffered this horrible torment of being promised cashback on their contracts ie students,oaps,unemployed,etc they had no idea it was gonna end up in a scam,now people are finding it hard to try to pay the full price of the contract.they have a right to be able to have their say at least so i posted it again so that they can be aware and remind them of this meeting,i myself am a victum of these cashback sites and its really hard.
    thank you:)


    Not being funny, but why should the networks do anything? I know some of them do at times, but I don't see why they should have to.
    People should read the smallprint before signing up for anything like this, and be aware that they are liable for the full cost of the contract.
    Not that I have no sympathy with people who have been scammed as I do, but people should go in with their eyes open, same as any other deal.
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