lool! how do you get coffee off a netbook screen?

    childish,I know-but the weightlifting commentator on tv at the games just said "this girl has been working hard on her snatch all year,and has one of the cleanest ones I have ever seen"

    kids are staring at me wondering what the joke was,mrs barky is giving me daggers.I need to grow up.



    lol X). but in theory she probably has a sweaty snatch!

    try 100% alcohol based cleaner

    Pour tea on to a coffee stain....... Or is it White wine for a red wine stain or something like that.
    I admire any girl that's been working hard on her snatch



    X) LOL

    Quality quote, wish I'd heard it

    if that's true the commentator is either seriously thick or seriously cool.

    Epic lolz!

    that is disgusting barky! Coffee is vile

    can't be as clean as my misses', cause when I go on holiday and dont use my hands for a fortnight they are as clean as a clean thing.
    so god knows how clean something would be that hasn't been used for as long as that!oO
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