Loophole in voucher codes, illegal or not?

    There are thousands of voucher codes drifting around the internet that are for "new customers" in which the terms & conditions clearly state that the voucher is to be used once per new customer.

    BUT, is it illegal, for example, to use the code on a new account/new order, delete your account so it's removed from the system, sign back up to the website and re-use the code again?


    So... which retailer have you found this working with then...?

    People do it all the time on Tesco btw.

    if it is then 99% of hukd users are goin to jail

    By account do you mean Clubcard account? Just delete and set up again and it works?

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    I'm talking in general. I mean using the same name/address/credit card and getting a massive discount from pretty much everything you order because their system allows you to remove your details from it and re-register as a new customer each time. Surely they must draw the line somewhere if you are actively allowed to make a profit from their sales.

    Only illegal if against the law surely ?

    very few places allow complete removal of an account, at the very least your email address is retained so you can't create a fresh account. There is usually no technical reason why you can't use a different address, which is how most codes are reused.

    I would expect most places to be able to cancel orders (or request the full amount) if its picked up as a second account, not seen anyone actually do that though.

    gym lougar

    Only illegal if against the law surely ?

    Well it's fraud isn't it. Now it's up to online retailers if they want the publicity that goes along with having shoppers in court for misusing vouchers, this after all might discourage new customers from using them. It would also mean if they prosecuted the thousands that do it, they've lost them too. They also do make money anyway as I doubt very many people are dong this on a grand scale. Yes thousands creating a new account every now and then, no thousands creating a new account every week.

    In any case, the first action would be to beef up their system to make sure this was not so easy. I mean if your bank left cash lying around in the branch so anyone could pick it up then while it would be theft to take it, the bank has a duty to ensure proper measures are taken to avoid this.

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    An easy trick on tesco is to take advantage of the fact that '.' don't matter on Gmail accounts. No need to remember half a dozen emails.

    This might be something that is common knowledge? Not sure if it's something that can be used on other sites

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    The retailers would be well aware of people gaming new customer codes. However on the flip side they are hungry for sales and if they pulled these codes the customer would be less likely to buy from them and switch to a competitor.

    Don't know, don't care. But if you're worrying about getting in 'trouble' OP, nothing will happen ever happen.

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