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    Hey there,

    I bought a boxset on Bluray from and it arrived today, but when opening the package I could hear a disc is loose in the box, sounds like it could possibly be broken but unsure! I've just sent an email to to ask what I should do about it but they'll probably take ages replying.

    I know its quite normal for discs to come loose in the post due to all the throwing about but if I remove the cellophane and open it and it's broken or badly scratched would they still exchange it? Does anyone have experience with

    It's for a christmas present so didn't really want to open it but wouldn't be good if they opened it on christmas and the discs are broken ! =[


    You can send it back if its like that. but better to send it back when it's sealed as that will look better
    You could probably send it back if it was unsealed too, the companies dont seem to mind

    Although there are cases were i have had this problem and opened it up and the discs were in good condition (not scratched)
    And there have been times where they have, it's just luck

    feel free to open and if broken how else would you find out. or just send it back under DSR.
    The reason why they dont mind it being sent back too much after opened as they send it back to their stockist who then repacks it...i use to work for Technicolor and thats what they do, they are a dvd distributer and we use to repack returned dvd/blurays/games etc.

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    I was under the impression that your not allowed to return films/games due to people copying them, at least that's what I've been told on a number of occasions, anyone could buy one, copy it , and then break it to get a refund =[

    If it's deffinately ok to send back opened boxes, I guess I don't mind opening it, will save me sending it back if the discs are fine! I'll probably wait until tomorrow to see if they reply, and if not I'll have a look at them as can't see them replying over weekend!

    when that happens to me (I buy a lot that sorta thing online) it's generally that the circle you press the DVDs/Games etc into has broken a bit so the DVD is loose in that segment. I've never had a problem with any being scratched though from it.

    DOnt know about returns to that company

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    I was thinking the same about the plastic circle holder thingy.. not great if its broken! Argh.. dunno what to do!
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