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    Does anybody know a good shop with loose tea near Slough , Heathrow area ??? I'm looking for Yerba Mate and good green tea .


    Can't you just buy tea bags, cut off the top and pour the tea out??

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    huge difference in the quality and taste

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    they put 3rd class tea into tea bags which is rubbish

    I love my tea and am in Slough, but i get mine from abroad, green, black and white tea, I am drinking a lot of pekoe atm

    you could try one of the chinese shops in town?
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    Not sure about green tea mate but ringtons deliver ours and it is some quality stuff. You can order online too.

    Kala, I can't help with the Yerba Mate but you should be able to get loose tea at Quality in Southall. They should have some green tea but they definitely have loose Indian black tea.

    BTW, my father was a tea estate manager and I can tell you that teabags contain the tea fannings...the dust.
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    There is a new shop with quality tea in Slough Queensmere shoping centre , I just find out on another forum and I went there today , a huge range of teas , just perfect for me

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    It's near Mark and Spencer

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    Yerba Mate taste gooood :-)

    could someone recommend me a good online tea shop?
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