Loosing interest ..............

    A lady goes to the doctor and complains that her husband is losing interest in sex.

    The doctor gives her a pill, but warns her it is still experimental and tells her to slip it into his mashed potatoes at dinner.

    So, that night at dinner, she does. About a week later she's back at the doctor's office.

    She says, "Doc, the pill worked great! I put it in the potatoes like you suggested. It wasn't five minutes and he jumps up, rakes all the food and dishes off the table, grabs me, rips all my clothes off and ravishes me right then and there on the table."

    The doctor says, "I'm sorry, we didn't realize the pill was that strong. The foundation will be glad to pay for any damages."

    "Naah..." she says, "that's okay. We wouldn't go back to that restaurant anyway."



    oldie but a good one


    bet they went to McD's the next day


    Burger King BOGOF

    Original Poster


    The way to eat your lunch meat
    is to roll it into tubes.
    The way to eat your Jell-O
    is to jiggle all the cubes.
    The way to eat your Swiss cheese
    is to nibble it like mice.
    The way to eat your water
    is to chew the chunks of ice.
    The way to eat your doughnut
    is to try to save the hole.
    The way to eat your ice cream
    is to overfill the bowl.
    The way to eat your pudding
    is to suck it through a straw.
    The way to eat your peanuts
    is to store them in your jaw.
    The way to eat your apple
    is to munch it like a hog.
    The way to eat your spinach
    is to feed it to your dog.
    The way to eat your noodles
    is in one unending slurp.
    The way to end your meal
    is with a record-breaking BURP.[/CENTER]

    He he he, very funny :-D

    he he he very good, funny

    very funny
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