Los Angeles Hotels?

Posted 19th Jan
Hello everyone, I have been looking for ages for a los angeles but can’t find one that has loads of additional charges, can anyone recommend one that’s good links to the beach, Disney and universal ?

Also is it worth hiring a car or just Uber everywhere ?

Thanks everyone
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Have you never seen anything set in LA, it's massive and has some of the worst traffic of any city. Use the LA Metro to get around to most places, the buses are alright as well, just make sure they don't go below 50mph.

I stayed at the Ramada West Hollywood which was handy for the metro and had a direct bus to Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.

It depends where you want to go though as LA is huge and driving across it can take hours.
I-405 is the world's longest and largest parking lot during peak hours. I would avoid a car as much as possible. As for additional charges, that has unfortunately become the norm in the US where everyone tries to make money but not pay taxes on it. Resort fees, Urban charges and all kinds of nonsense fees being charged by hotels.
Hilton Anaheim is super easy for Disney and about 25 mins from Huntington Beach. Driving is pretty easy in LA so long as you have SATNAV with lane guidance. The traffic goes pretty slow and the Americans tend to stay in lane. Suss out where you are going to park before setting off helps. Uber is fine but LA is huge, so Uber is expensive unless you fill the car.
Probably going against the grain here.. but hire a car! The first time we went to LA we didn't and we had a much better experience on the other occasions where we've hired a car. Don't know if it's improved in the last 10 years, but I found that LA public transport is not the best if you're wanting to be out of the city centre.

Disney is in Anaheim, and assuming you're staying near Universal Studios it would likely take anywhere between 45 mins and 90 minutes to get to by car dependent on traffic.. possibly even longer. As mentioned above, the traffic in and around LA is truly awful and I wouldn't reccommend taxi's/Uber etc as they will not be cheap.

Take a look at potentially splitting your hotel stay dependent on what your actual plans are. If you're only going to Hollywood/Universal for a day each, just do one night in the area (The Hilton at Universal is decent!) and then look at moving to a different hotel near Anaheim which will better suit your Disney and beach days. In the past we've found that Anaheim hotels are better priced and you're far enough out of LA that the traffic is manageable. It might sound like hassle splitting your trip into two different hotels but we've done it a few times and found it much nicer than sitting in LA traffic for hours on end. It's nice to have a change of pace too!
Thank you everyone for your comments , I will definitely hire a car , and if money affords it try and split the hotels in 2
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