losing car keys

    Has anyone used the likes of KeyCare to have their car keys replaced?

    Just wondering as locksmiths if they will be able to do a good enough job replacing key barrels / ignition barrel / bonnet barrel as good as perhaps a local car mechanic would? (i don't even know if they actually remove the barrels or not)


    they just replace the key not barrels so it fairly easy job once they have recoded the new key to your car, expect to pay around £120 depending on what car you have.

    We paid £35 on top of our car insurance for key covers......replaced key.....within 1 hour of the mobile locksmith coming to our home.

    In all the years I've been driving I've never lost my keys. I can't see why anybody would fork out extra money to insure against something like this.

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    Thanks for the response guys, i was under the impression that the barrels will be replaced. Thanks

    My car had a tag with the key number on it, not sure if they could match a lost key without that - and if you have that system, keep it somewhere safe, NOT on the keyring!!!

    Most modern car keys have a passive chip buried in the plastic body of the key, if this chip doesnt match what the car is expecting, the ignition wont work; THIS is the bit you pay all the money for; the remote lock/unlock can be reset fairly easily.

    When the Police stole* my car keys, I cut the chip out of a broken spare and had it glued into a replacement "Glovebox" key (it looks like a small, dark grey stone).

    * Returned a year later with no apology or explanation, having spent the entire 12 months denying they had it.

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    Cheers for the responses guys, seems like keys have a come a long way since the days every lock had to be changed.
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