Lost all my work on excel.

    I have just finished a spredsheet went away from my computer for a min, came back to print and my computer restarted its self so i lost all my work.

    I do save as i go along but just had to much to do today.

    Can someone tell me how to auto save so this dose not happen again.



    It should autosave by default. Open excel again and see if it autorecovers.

    To change settings:

    Tools menu
    Save tab


    and stop windows from auto restarts after any update!


    or look in the HELP guide in Excel

    Open excel, click on File and have a look to see if it is in the list at the bottom of that menu.

    Original Poster

    went in to documents and it was not saved. opened from file at top and there were 2. 1 had my work on it.

    Thanks Jonsend you haved saved me from redoing it.

    Original Poster


    and stop windows from auto restarts after any update!

    Thanks csiman i will do that now.

    Thanks to Jonsend for helping this member.

    I make some suggestions of scenarios that may have applied, so you can check they are not going to happen again for other work that may not have an autosave feature in it.

    Check you do not have a ".scrn" screen saver with a virus in it, that "for a laugh" reboots your computer to cause this kind of trouble.

    Did you make a cup of tea/coffeee/toast/vacuum the room...?

    If so, is your computer protected from power spikes, and/or is the ring circuit that the computer on, the same as one where a heavy current drawing appliance creates a surge (or sparks) when you switch it on?

    Perhaps other members can suggest other possible causes besides the background auto-update-forced windows reboot that might be the most likely cause.

    if you remember the file names START-RUN and type in the following asterisk dot asteriskfollowed by xls (no spaces)


    hit enter and it will list every spreadsheet on the whole computer..............find-save and hopefully happy days.

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