Posted 17th Sep 2022
lost my android phone and tried to find it everywhere but no luck

checked on find my phone on Google and also on Samsung account looks like phone is switched off and can't track it
any recommendations pls
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    if you had google location switched on your phone before you lost it then it might be possible to look via a browser where it was last located
    Thks it's switched on it's shows last location on my way to work on the on my day off Day quite strange
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    The real issue is the SIM card. Most people set up a screen lock method, not so many bother to lock the SIM. DS had his driving licence and a debit card and SIM stolen with his phone artfully put back in his pocket in a busy bar, it took him till next day to realise what'd happened. Next day money was being spent from his account. Three wouldn't give him back control of his own number as it was a PAYG he'd been topping up with vouchers, and never registered.

    I'd wondered how the thieves got his PIN to use his card with. Since then there's been a rash of similar 'gym locker' thefts swiftly followed by bank accounts being emptied. Radio journalists investigated and one was able to duplicate the scam. It's done like this: the scammers install the banks app on another phone, and use the verification code that either appears on the victims lock screen, or via an SMS sent to victims SIM. If an unlocked SIM is moved to another phone, that phone will receive the SMS messages. The info on the drivers license and credit/debit card is enough to re-register the app on another phone and use the app to view the card PINs (yes really) and confirm big ticket purchases.

    There are 2 things to do before you lose a phone: Lock your SIM and set all notifications around financial apps to not show any message details on lock screen. It's easy on Apple phones, not sure about Android.

    The real fault lies with the banks design of its app security. (edited)
    That's terrible security from the bank. They should take a note out of Starling's book. Video verification needed when registering a new device, but before you even get to that stage you need to enter a password.
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    Report it to the police & phone provider (with the IMEI)
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    Start looking for a new phone? :/
    Are you offering it back? I mean, lovely handle you've got there (edited)
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    I'll send out a search party
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    This reminds me of when boyf lost his phone years ago (can't remember whether he left it in a pub - which is what he's done a few times - or it dropped out his pocket).

    Watching the Google tracker updates, it somehow ended up in the River Clyde

    Think it was the (now ancient) Huawei Y3. (edited)
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    Remove from Google account and lock it. Do that inside your Google account..
    Report lost to police.
    Change passwords to bank and Google ect.

    I found a phone and tried to return it. Was only able to reply to text as locked and the reply was... Who are you and what do you want... I said to return phone to owner. Never got reply so handed it in to pub barman. Then pub rang last orders minutes later and shut as 3pm on a Sunday. That was a mistake.
    Bet that iPhone never made it back to owner.
    Oh well.

    Still. Text and phone it until it is clearly lost.
    Then move on. Don't let it bug you... (edited)
    Mate important documents in there it was Samsung note 9 my main conputer
    Shows switched off (edited)
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    48248729-BY3aU.jpgThis is what I get
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    There's a setting in iPhones that will send a last gasp location just before it shuts down due to flat battery or if you shut it down. Not sure if Samsungs have that.
    Mrs. Marple here. You left your phone on the train and next day it took a trip, either on its own or accompanied by the thief or a member of public, and its battery expired at 10:23 am. The weak point in my theory is that most people would notice their phone is missing at the latest on the evening they lost it.

    A while back I saw someone leave their phone on the train seat before disembarking. Chased them, lost them in the crowd, then a mate who was with him took it. Still wondering if it was part of some elaborate scam. I mean, who leaves their phone on a train seat?
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    I was trying to find my father's location a few weeks ago using location sharing on his android phone and it was showing a several hour out of date fix, I think it had either gone into power saving mode and turned off gps, or had connected to the free wifi where he had been which requires a browser login and lost its data connection.

    As soon as I sent him a text it updated its location. (edited)